Hello Lubuntu User! This Tutorial Shows You Step-by-step

How-to Install Latest LibreOffice 5.x Suite for Lubuntu 18.04 Bionic LTS 32/64-bit GNU/Linux Desktop.

LibreOffice is a comprehensive, professional-quality productivity suite that you can download and install for Free, with no fear of copyright infringement.


includes several applications that make it the most powerful

Free and

Open Source office suite on the market: Writer (word processing), Calc (spreadsheets), Impress (presentations), Draw (vector graphics and flowcharts), Base (databases), and Math (formula editing).

The LibreOffice

Present in the Lubuntu Apt Packages Repository may be Out-Dated so that’s Best to Download and Install Directly the Latest Release from the Web Site.

Inside the LibreOffice Installation Guide for Lubuntu You will find also

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Source : https://tutorialforlinux.com/2018/06/18/how-to-install-latest-libreoffice-on-lubuntu-18-04-bionic-lts-gnulinux/